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Speech evaluations and therapy services are offered in-home, community based settings, and online.  In order to best serve each unique child, we work with families to determine the most appropriate setting for your needs.  Home and community based therapy services are offered in most neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles County.  Online or teletherapy is offered anywhere in the state of California.  Home and community based therapy provides your child a with multitude of opportunities to learn and practice new skills in their natural environments.  Teletherapy offers the same high-quality care from the comfort of your home.  Online services are convenient for families who are social distancing or live outside of our coverage areas.  At Social Butterfly, we develop specialized treatment plans backed by evidence-based practices and research in order to ensure our commitment to provide effective therapy services.  Sessions are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute increments.  At the end of each session, time is dedicated to reviewing effective strategies and family program activities, which can be used for carryover and generalization of learned skills across all settings.

Evaluations + Reports

-Evaluations include family interviews, standardized assessments, informal observations, and speech-language samples.  This process allows us to develop a better understanding of your child's strengths and needs to guide best next steps.  Following the evaluation, we will create a comprehensive assessment report, and together we will develop an individualized plan of care.

Speech + Language Therapy

Therapy services address the following:

​- Speech that is hard to understand

- Difficulty saying specific sounds

- Speech that is not fluent/stuttering

- Non-verbal communication

- Limited play skills

- Limited peer interactions

- Difficulty following directions

- Difficulty comprehending verbal and non-verbal language

- Limited expressive vocabulary

- Speaking in words or short phrases

- Difficulty asking/answering questions

- Grammatical errors

- Disorganized sentence structures

- Difficulty engaging in conversations

- Social communication difficulties

- Intervention for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Free Resources
School Contracts

- Direct observation in school setting​

- Collaborate with teachers on tasks​
- Develop techniques to communicate​
- Assist with program modification​
- Provide resources for school staff​

- Perform comprehensive evaluations and report writing

- Provide push-in, pull-out, consultative, and telepractice services in schools

- Participate in IEP meetings

Family Coaching

- Learn strategies to help your child communicate and interact during daily routines and activities

- Learn effective ways to play with your child and how to increase social opportunities

- Learn ways to engage your child in back and forth communication exchanges

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